The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or is a toll-free suicide prevention hotline network comprised of over 150 local crisis centers. The Lifeline is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and administered by Link2Health Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mental Health Association of New York City (MHA-NYC). The Lifeline provides free and confidential crisis counseling to anyone in need 24/7 and has answered over 3 million call since its launch in 2005.

Youth Ambassadors 3rd Annual Teen Forum




0315141205The Henrico Prevention Services Youth Ambassadors held their 3rd Annual Teen forum on 3/15/14 on the campus of Virginia Union University. Parents, Middle and high school students from the metro Richmond area attended the event. Ms. Kemba Smith, international speaker and author of the book “Poster Child” was the keynote speaker. There were over 140 people in attendance.

March is National Women’s History Month!

March is National Women’s History Month! This month was declared by Congress officially in 1987. This year’s theme is “Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment.” We should celebrate the many accomplishments of women that are sometimes overlooked. Despite the struggle for women’s rights and equality, women have managed to leave a lasting mark on society in many different forums. We should talk to our daughters and inspire them to embrace being and becoming strong and influential women. We should talk to our sons about respecting women and valuing them for their diverse experiences. Take a moment to consider the large steps women have taken to improve our society into what we know today!


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 This week in Al’s Pals, we introduced the topic of PRIDE. The kids learned what it means to be proud, and we had a discussion about times they have felt proud of themselves.

Leading up to this lesson, for the past few months, we have been rewarding the best behaved 1-2 students each week with a “Star Leader” award and prize. These awards go to students who are quiet and listening, helpful to the teacher, and participating in songs, games, and discussion. Hopefully, your kids have shared their awards with you. If not, be sure to ask them if they have gotten any thus far! And be sure to ask them what they did to earn the award. The leaders of the day should have pride in themselves, and should be encouraged to share their pride!

Teen Job Preparatory Program at Oakland Village

At Oakland Village, Miss Leslie and Miss Hanna, two interns from VCU, have been leading lessons for the Teen Job Prep Program. Last week, the group discussed study skills and ways to better help kids to get good grades. While these are mostly targeted toward high school aged children, many of the below listed study techniques can be useful for older elementary and middle school kids. Take a look below and help your kids to focus and do well in school!

  1. Time Management
    1. Plan how long each assignment will take
    2. Write down appointments and assignments
  2. Go to class everyday and pay attention
  3. Do assignments on time and to best ability
  4. Review notes, don’t cram
    1. Look over your notes each evening and make sure you understand the material
  5. Study Alone
    1. Unless your friends are as serious as you are about topic or know it well, study by yourself
  6. Create a good study environment
    1. Quiet, comfortable, no distractions
  7. Make Flash Cards of your information
    1. Make reviews or tests for yourself to complete once you know the material
  8. Snack on healthy food while you study- gives an energy boost
  9. Take a break
    1. For every hour you study take a ten minute break to relax and do something like take a walk, play a cell phone game, etc.
  10. Get good sleep
    1. 8 hours of sleep night before test